Monday, 20 June 2011


Interview now online at Metal Band Art..we talk about Cd covers in general, musical influences and of cource the new Machine Head Cover..

Sunday, 31 August 2008


As you all know the Butterflysoldiers concept is long overdue. India is indeed the perfect place to write the book, and create the illustrations. Apologies for the lack of updates once again. Believe me I did start to create a number of illustrations , then I was contacted by a Film Director friend of mine. Who is working on a couple of new movies and wanted my help, I read the script and could not turn this down. So am busy creating a mass of concept art for this, and loving every minute. It's creepy, scary, disturbed and unique for sure.

So Butterflysodiers once again is on the backburner, hopefully not for too long. I will be in India for another few months so plenty of time yet.

Here are some photos from India, and all the places of been lucky enough to visit.